Suggestion for new chord symbols

I would like to suggest a couple of new default chord symbols in Dorico. My suggestion concerns chords like C (sus4) that really are not ‘sus’ anything, but a quartal harmony sound in it’s own right. These types of chords seem common enough to validate the suggestion.

To start with, I suggest two new chord symbols:
C4 = G–C–F (an added fourth with the fifth implied, or stacked fourths from G with C as tonal center)

C2 = D–G–C (an added second with the fifth implied, or stacked fourths from D with C as tonal center)

These chords are found in songs like ‘Free fallin’ (Tom Petty), ‘Teardrop’ (Massive Attack), ‘Purple rain’ (Prince), ‘Brother to brother’ (Gino Vannelli), and many more. And also (of course) in a lot of jazz and “modern art music”.

The use of C5 for a power chord (with no third) seems widely spread and is available in Dorico as well. I wish the same for C4 and C2. I would guess that this is relatively easy to add as default chord symbols. I also attach a picture with other chord symbols along the same basic idea. These chord symbols were suggested by Philip Tagg. I suspect that the symbols with arrows might be a little harder to add. The arrow chord symbols could also be used for quintal harmony.

Such suggestions have been around for a while.

Yes, ok. But I think that the world needs an option without any ‘sus’ ;). That is, if the chord in fact is not suspended and then resolves.

You can probably create one in Dorico.