Suggestion for next release...Notepad!

I have a suggestion for future versions (i Hope :smiley: )

1- it would be fantastic for me to be able to position in some point of score a Notepad for my notes.

2- Very frequently
I want to play without scrolling, for continue editing of my score in a point out the green line …

That’s all (folks) :smiley:

thanks for your attention

What do you mean by “notepad”? Do you mean something to hold musical material (in which case I’d suggest using an extra “sketch” flow), or something to hold textual material? If you mean the latter, then at some point we certainly intend to add some commenting/review features to Dorico.

If you mean a Notepad like you have in Cubase, then you could use File > Project Info and enter your notes in the ‘Other information’ field. You can also have notes for each Flow in that dialog.

I think the op means a notes option like the yellow notes in Sibelius that can be attached to a bar?

The only thing that’s certain is we need clarification on what’s meant by “notepad” :wink:

Maybe should make list of 8 different options for notepads and then vote on them.

But we just tried that idea in the UK, and it didn’t work … :frowning:

Cubase does have a feature called ‘Notepad’ and the OP is active on the Cubase forum, so that’s what I assumed…

I’ll add another “vote” for the second suggestion, if it dropped off the radar in the discussion about notepads.

If you are “audio proofreading”, you often select something and start playback from that point.

When you hear something that needs fixing, it would be nice to stop playback and leave the score with the current playback position displayed. Currently, Dorico scrolls back to the item which is still selected, and you then have to find the green line again before doing the edit.

Ok … Sorry but i can write only now.
thank you very much for your answers

For Notepad question:
I meant Simply have the possibility to create points in which to make something similar to a Notepad appear to write comments or ideas “on the fly”. I didn’t mean scores. it would be great for me to have the possibility to insert words to remember to do certain things at a specific point.
or simply (obviously for me of course) integrate it into the system track.
something that can only appear in write mode, and is not visible in print mode.

@rob tuley:
You have exactly centered my prolem!

Thank all you!

You can work round the “stopping playback” issue by clicking somewhere the deselect everything before you stop playback. But you have to remember to do two things, not one.

Thank you for your suggention. I’ll try It!

As an interim solution, when I proofread or revise a score in Dorico, I place a text into the score with Shift+X to get a sort of sticking notice - like [until here] or [from here onwards] or [check]. Once my issue is solved I will have to remember to delete these notes of course…

Changing the text color (e.g. to red) can be useful, to make sure you don’t forget to delete them.

I also do this
Thank you!

Thank you Rob, good Idea :bulb:
And then may be just duplicate them to the next event…