Suggestion for text editing


I noticed when we’re editing text in Dorico, the size of the text size becomes larger. It think it would be better that it stays in the same the same size because it distorts the perception of the result. I made a legend in my piece where I had to use the shift button It was very hard achieve a result because I always had to figure it out how it will be when I’ll quit the edit box.

I pointed out in red what is the most significant but it concerns the whole text.

Also, I’m very grateful for the musical font you designed, Daniel, and made accessible to everybody. There is one one thing I’m wandering, when I want copy some symbols in my legend text, they are very small compared to the text size. I need to increased the size of the music font, but then it creates a larger space between each text line (you can notice with the line that starts with a Bartok Pizz symbol). The only workaround I found for this is to import an image, which is a bit complicated and unstable. Is it something to be considered to unify text and musical symbol size?


Regarding line leading: you need to use Bravura Text for music symbols, not Bravura!

This is what I get if everything is size 12

Yes, do make sure you are using Bravura Text rather than Bravura. The best way to be sure of using the right font is to use the ‘Music text’ character style, which is automatically set to use Bravura Text at the same size as the text font you’re using for the rest of the text.

I’m actually using Bravura Text in the image I posted earlier. You can see it there.

I added a few symbols to have a better comparison. It’s just they are a bit small compared to the font size, if I want to make legend, especially for the Bartok Pizz. I think I have no choice to increase the font size, even if it create a space with the line on top.

Do you have any advice or tip for the other point I raised in my first post?



In general you should find that text is the same size when edited and when dsplayed. It’s certainly possible that when you have whole pages of text in a single text frame, you’ll find that there is some inaccuracy in the line spacing/leading over that much text. Unfortunately there’s nothing much you can do about that.