Suggestion/FR: Abbreviations in "Bar" Pop-over.

Hi, just thought it could be neat to be able to write S, E, D and F in the bars pop-up instead of Start, End, Double and Final. (Of course a little conflict there with the “Single” and “short” barline command, but I’m thinking the “,” and others are rather accessible as of now on a laptop keyboard.)

All the best!

Instead of the full words, you can write |, :neutral_face:, || and |]. | is the “pipe” symbol - on my keyboard accessible from Alt-I. It might be different on yours.

A smiley sneaked in. End is colon+pipe.

colon + pipe sounds unpleasant :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you LeifG, I was not clear about wether having studied the available commands or not, apologies for that. My incentive behind this suggestion is that on a (Swedish) MacBook keyboard I’ve found the pipe and the : to be located a bit far apart and slightly quirky to obtain, to type e.g. “shift+b - s” for a start repeat would be way smoother imo.

Music engraving is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it :open_mouth:

I have the same experience with my norwegian keyboard. Maybe I (capital i) could be an alternative for |?