SUGGESTION: Locking the score from accidental finger-scroll edits

I have read all the messages on the Dorico forum regarding score locking, such as switching to Engrave mode. Another said you have to use the Alt/Option key to move objects, and while that may be true on a computer, that is not true on the iPad. It is VERY, VERY EASY to make inadvertent edits and not even notice while scrolling with your fingers. As the score gets more packed with players, there’s less and less “safe space” for scrolling. The Apple Pencil and Mouse can scroll, but it takes much longer to go the same distance. A temporary Read-Only setting that can quickly be toggled on and off while working in Write mode would be very helpful.



Since I also work with the Apple Smart Keyboard attached to my iPad, I did some testing toggling back and forth between Write mode and Engrave mode with Cmd-2 and Cmd-3. The good news is: the score does not move on the screen, so this is an option for users with a keyboard.

But that still leaves those without a keyboard, and I would guess Android users, too, with no easy way to prevent accidental finger-scroll edits.

Likewise, when not scrolling, any finger engagement with the screen would still result in accidental edits.

AFAIK Android users have no access to Dorico.


Okay. I’m also a Cubasis user. Maybe I’m mixing up my Steinberg apps. Thanks for the correction, Marc.

My ADDENDUM’s advice to toggle between Write mode and Engrave mode is NOT the solution!

I just accidentally dragged a chord symbol around in Engrave mode. :frowning_face:

Seems the touch screen presents new challenges for developers used to writing apps and programs (redundant terminology) for computers.

One option on other iPad apps is two fingers for scrolling or allow the Apple pencil to make edits only.

Yeah that’s all true, OTOH you can just be very careful with touch when working without keyboard. I’ve learned to just be more deliberate when using touch and haven’t had trouble since. Best is to use a keyboard if you can regardless.

And BTW, I haven’t used the iPad in a while because of issues with iCloud, anyhow picked it up again and I don’t know if things were fixed in this release or in the last year (when there was iCloud improvements ongoing) - it now appears to be working just fine. Fingers crossed but looking good, having a reliable iPad app is such a big productivity boost.

@VinylDinosaur I’m going to test your 2-finger scrolling suggestion. I was zoomed-in in Engrave mode when I accidentally moved a chord symbol while trying to move the page around on the screen with my finger. Understand the screen was very busy with notation, so not much “safe” empty space.

What Adobe first came up with in the 90s for this problem worked great!. Press the [cmd] key and the pointer turns into a hand to drag the page around. Simple and quick with a visual cue. Not sure why more apps never adopted this solution.

Understand the screen was very busy with notation, so not much “safe” empty space.

I wasn’t editing, just scrolling when I had the issue.