Suggestion: Option to transpose music lying under slash regions

In a project, I duplicated a flow in order to have a second version in another key.
I selected everything (via System Track) in the duplicated version and transposed it.
Unfortunately, the music behind the slash regions was not transposed.

I know the fact, that the underlying music is not selected, because it not visible and I know, that I can show this music before and hide it after transposing, but it seems a bit complicated, since I’´would have to filter slash regions twice (before and after transposing) before I can reach their “show other voices” property.

Perhaps an option in the transpose dialog like “include music lying under slash regions” or a general preference similar to the already existing “play slash voices” option available in play mode would be helpful in this scenario.

This has come up before and I agree that music behind slash regions should be transposed. It’s on the backlog as something we need to work on in future.

+1 :exclamation: