Suggestion. Pro Tools Elastic Audio VS. Cubase Audio Warp...

Hi all, I recently checked out Pro Tools new feature called “Elastic Audio” It is similar to Cubases Audio warp, but the Cubase version seems to me that it is still in its infancy. In protools, you can see transients of other tracks to line things up (very useful in tightening up tracks). You can stretch audio right in the project page. You can choose the algorithm (rhythmic, monophonic, polyphonic etc.) that best suits your track. You can also use it to easily quantize your drum tracks. And it sounds GREAT! No artifacts!

So that is my suggestion. I’d love to be able to stretch audio (with the hit points) right on the project page. So I can see and match up hit points from other tracks.

Has anybody had a chance to check these features out? …just my 2 cents…


And add the ability to do that over multiple tracks while maintaining phase and we’d have gold!

+1, if we could just have some of these juicy protools features, also busses that could feed back to themselves (like protools & a real mixer) that would be awesome…

You can already do that if you use VST connections properly.

But, allowing the warp markers to be directly edited while in the arrange view would be awesome. Especially if it had transparent events and tuplet time support.

I actually had a dream last night that C6 had multitrack warp… I woke up, realized it wasn’t real, and was sad.

Time for a holiday… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I just wish it was consistent. Right now there are different algorithms available in every screen.

Hey JMCecil, please do tell how you do this using ’ VST connections properly’, I would appreciate it rather than a simple slight on my request for a feedback feature that would be very useful…

Does that mean I can play back a number of selected tracks in Cubase and record them to another, record enabled track, directly on the project page?

I used to be able to do that with my old RME DIGI96/8 card (the ‘loop back’ feature’ but no 64 bit drivers :imp: ) but my Echo Layla unfortunately does not have that routing possibilty :frowning: .

Cheers mate,


In short, create VST in and out connections but don’t assign them to your audio card. Use them as normal connections. You can directly access VSTi outs for record this way. You can feedback to another track this way … and many other routing tricks.

Yes, that’s what it means

Listen, VST connection points don’t have to be assigned to your audio card. Cubase will still use and route audio to those connection points.

Cool, JMC, I’ll give that a go :sunglasses: .


Hey JMCecil,

I beg to differ on what you’re suggesting. I’m well aware of dummy busses, but cubase won’t let you, or
me at least route audio back on itself even through dummy busses. If you know of a way please give me step by step how you do it, because I’d love to be able to get some true dub delay like you can in protools ie, simply send the output of the delay(or whatever) back to it’s own input. Please do tell… Are you really sure this is possible ???

Does anybody here have any experience with Protools 9 Elastic Audio feature? What can you tell us about it as far as comparing it to Cubase Audio warp…


He quietly said as the thread started to unravel.