Suggestion: Property temporary defaults

It would be useful in the property panel to have a button that enabled the current setting for a given feature as a temporary default (temporary meaning lasts until I click the button again or until the session ends). This would allow one to, for instance, set the tuples pattern or grace note style or whatever for the current session but not change the actual default values in the normal settings dialog.

I am often finding myself wanting to set a temporary default for a given piece due to the nature of the music but not wanting to set this as the default for everything. And it can change as the music progresses thus the need for it to be temporary.

I can see this being a very useful feature. I engraved Schubert’s Ave Maria and the work is replete with sextuplets that you want to hide, although in any other sore I would want them displayed. Not having to change global settings that would crop up in the next score and affect tuplets would be nice. I LOVE the fact that Dorico gives you so much control over every aspect of the score in its menus but it is easy to forget that you’ve changed something on another score and then have to go back and find the setting to “fix” it for the next project.

Good idea!
In the same category - I would like to have a ‘Save as default’ button in Engraving Options that only applies to the current page, rather than all of the settings. Alternatively - maybe the “unapplied” settings you make should be marked in a different color until you hit ‘apply’ or ‘close’. Only the newly made changes would be affected by ‘Save as default’. (Don’t know if this make sense…)

Another idea I’ve had is “Insert engraving/notation option change”, that would allow numerous settings to be stored in signposts. Useful for temporary change of accidental rules etc. This could be presented in a complete menu, or as a popover on steroids similar to the one in max msp.
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