[SUGGESTION] re: viewing Concert vs. Transposed Pitch in the parts

I see the parts default (as expected) to Transposed and that you can switch temporary to view (for example) a Bb Trumpet part in Concert via the Edit menu (which I definitely often prefer to do when editing in the actual parts, etc.). I have two small suggestions, however:

  1. It would be helpful to be able to assign (or already have) a key command to switch from “Tranposed” to “Concert” - don’t see this assignable option in Key Commands (?)

  2. It would be very helpful to have some sort of indicator when we’ve switched to viewing the Concert version of a (for example) Bb Trumpet part vs. the Transposed version - right now there doesn’t seem to be any visual reinforcement of the switch (which might prove confusing when working on more intricate scores with multiple key changes, etc.).

Thanks -

  • D.D.


You can indeed assign keyboard shortcuts for transposed and concert score (one for each - not a toggle). Preferences - Key Commands - Edit - Layout Transposition (or search for “score”).

I can work with that. However, there really should be SOME visual cue that you are now looking at the transposed vs. Concert score?

  • D.D.

Right. The visual cue would really be helpful. It’s probably not considered urgent compared to other priorities, I guess.

By the way, the German translation for concert pitch is not “Konzertstimmung” but “Klingende Notation” im Gegensatz zur “Transponierten Notation”. “Konzertstimmung” in German concerns questions of intonation.

Thanks for this feedback on the translation, which I will pass on.