Suggestion - Release VST2 open source

Hi guys

I saw that you guys removed the VST2 interfaces from the latest VST3 SDK as you announced you would.

For legacy reasons/preservation it would be extremely unfortunate to not be able to get a hold of the VST2 interfaces anymore. It is also very obvious that the 10s of thousands (maybe way more) of VST2 plugins that have been written are not going to be ported to VST3.

So here is my suggestion: simply release the VST2 interfaces open source. I am not asking you to maintain them in any shape or form. simply post them on your github account for example, with a big disclaimer that this will not be maintained and is discontinued. But that way for people who have projects relying on them they can still be compiled “legally”.

Thank you


VST2 is deprecated, but it does not mean that if you have already the VST2 SDK and signed the license agreement related to VST2 that you cannot create VST2 Plugins.
What we want is that new developers jump directly to VST3. Having VST2 available as open source will not help to make the move: for plugin developers and for host developers.

I understand why you are doing it. And I believe for new developers (like me) VST3 is vastly superior to start with anyway. I am writing VST3 plugins. They just happen to also work on DAWs which do not support VST3 using the VST2 wrapper (which BTW you have not removed from the SDK…).

So for the future VST3 is great.

But here you are simply disregarding the hundred of thousands of hours that people have put into writing VST2 plugins. If today somebody wants to compile an old VST2 plugin from which they have the source code (for example for fixing a bug) and they don’t have the VST2 header files, they just can’t.

Just imagine if Dennis Ritchie (inventor of C) just said, you know what I want people to use C++ so as of today I am removing all access to C… and I don’t care that there are millions of programs written in C…


To follow up, I actually think that the biggest problem is host developers not supporting VST3. The issue being that they have to support VST2 because of all the plugins that are available. So they start there (ex Propellerhead/Reason). Or for DAWs that have been supporting it forever it is also very hard to stop support because suddenly music created with a previous version will not work in the new version

One way to tackle this problem could be to write a generic wrapper that would wrap a VST2 plugin into a VST3 plugin. This way host developers don’t have to worry about the VST2 standard anymore… they know they can use the generic wrapper to make it a VST3 plugin…