[Suggestion] Remember speaker configuration, including playback processing plug-ins

Currently, WaveLab reverts to speaker configuration #1 on startup. This is in accordance with the Manual. The driving assumption for this, I guess, is that there is one main configuration and the remaining ones are secondary or auxiliary. This may be true for some workflows, but not others.

I have two speaker configurations, #1 for the loudspeakers and #2 for the headphones. My time is split in half working on either. I may work for a few days just on the headphones (e.g., editing), and then for another few days just on the loudspeakers (e.g., mixing).

During the days on the headphones, each time I restart WaveLab I need to remember I need to click on #2. It’s my main configuration on those workdays after all. It also has a lower gain configured. I do forget to turn it on on startup at times only to be painfully reminded I should have.

When I resume working on the loudspeakers, I need to remember I need to turn off the pug-ins on the Playback Processing section (as they’re intended for the headphones). And I sometimes forget to…

As a consequences, I’d like to make two suggestions for Speaker Configuration in conjunction with Playback Processing:

  1. add an option to make WaveLab remember the active speaker configuration between sessions (startups);
  2. add an option to make the plug-in chain in Playback Processing follow the Speaker Configuration (effectively, the chains would change with the speaker configuration, allowing one to apply different playback processing for the loudspeakers and headphones in use cases such as mine).
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I have a similar feature on my plan/tod list.


Good suggestion. I have the same troubles when I change between headphones and loudspeakers. And the setup for audio could use a workover!!!