Suggestion: Renotate music at the beginning of new system within bar repeat region


When having a long repetitive passage suited for bar repeats, it is recommended by numerous sources (e.g. Behind Bars by Elaine Gould) to renotate the repeated bar at the beginning of a new system, in order to avoid looking back to a previous system. Like this:

Perhaps this is already possible to acheive automatically within Dorico and I haven’t found it yet, but in case not, I think many would find it very useful.

It’s not currently possible, and it’s not the first time it’s been requested.

Thanks for enlightening me! I actually searched for it before posting but I did not find anything, which did surprise me a bit.

Considering that the repeated written-out measures would be different between score and each individual part, the complexity of calculating this will likely be an enormous obstacle to early implementation.

Another desirable feature related to this is the ability to per layout (or even per individual repeat region) choose whether to display the music in full or only the repeat signs within the repeat region(s). As Derrek mentioned, this is probably not a low hanging fruit in terms of implementation, but wishing is harmless. :wink: