Suggestion - Screen Real Estate

When using a lapotop there doesn’t appear to be a way to make the main ‘audio/wave’ window smaller thatn about 50% of the screen. Once certain tasks have been completed requiring the size of the window I would like to make it considerable smaller - please!
Unless I’m missing something!

What do you use WaveLab for, if don’t use its editor? (if you want to make it very small)?

When there are plug-in windows open and one is not editing it’s not important to see the waveform in large size. Small at the bottom of the screen for cuing is all that is needed.

As Grgogo says when working with plugins and also being able to see the full display of the CD information and just not feel intimidated by the size! There are times when ears are more important than eyes! :slight_smile:

I have another suggestion…
If you are used to Wavelab then you know which button in the CD window by each track plays the track and which one previews the join - nevertheless now in the new look they could have far better visual feedback to differentiate between the two…:slight_smile:

This is my main problem with Wavelab 9. I can’t pull down the bar above montages to make the montage smaller vertically. In Wavelab 8.5 I could, to expose entire lists: CD tracks, clips, markers, files, names and locations. It became an essential feature for me for comparing contents of 2 or 3 montages: By tabbing between the montages 1,2, and 3 I could tell instantly the differences in contained file names and paths, exact locations of track markers, differences in clips and CD tracks, etc, etc, etc. It’s not useful at all if the lists are truncated with scrollbars, and floating the lists is not good because the montage tabs I want to switch are hidden behind them.

I find myself going back to 8.5 to use this feature, which is crazy.

Please bring back the ability to make the montage window vertically smaller PG, please…
Wavelab 8 Lists.PNG
Wavelab 9 Lists.PNG

In WaveLab 9, does double clicking on a tab such as the Markers tab help this at all? Sometimes if I have a montage with lots of clips and/or markers I’ll double click the tab to see them all at one time.

Thanks for the tip Justin (didn’t know that), but it doesn’t help in the way I use it. I tab from montage to montage to compare their contents with the lists always fully visible above. If nothing changes above, I will know that those contents I’m looking at are the same, or if something’s different, like a different mix, or somethings been moved, I can see that instantly.

No problem. I thought it was worth a mention. I know how it is when something you can do so quick and easy has a wrench thrown in the workflow and it becomes a major slowdown. No fun.