Suggestion: Search-Replace for selected Text Items

Would come handy.


Could you elaborate on the circumstances you mean/in which you’d like to do this and how? In Dorico, tokens are available to do perhaps something similar to what you’re asking - they dynamically display information in multiple places, which all get updated if the source changes.

Eg. if you invested a lot of time in indicating the instruments in a piano reduction in a lot of small text items,
and then decide that it would be better to write “Vn.” instead of “Vl.” …

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This would be a huge feature! Various other examples:

I composed a whole piece for a jazz ensemble and in the end I decided, that one chord in the chord progression should be slightly different (like C13#9 instead of C7#9 or something like that). Going through the whole piece and changing this chord whenever it occurs is a lot of work. It’d also need a “ask everytime” function, in order to decide on a per case basis (“Replace? [Yes] / [No]” → clicking jumps to the next item in question), because it could be, that in a different context C7#9 is exactly what I want.

It would also be great to search and replace musical snippets. If I have a certain motif that occurs several times during the piece, and at one point I decide to change the motif a little bit, maybe as little as the enharmonic spelling, it ould be great to have a search and replace function. Or if I decide to alter the articulation of one note in a motif, or whatever.

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This is exactly why I use custom playing techniques for such frequent marks. If you decide later to change the mark or the formatting, it changes all occurrences in the score.

I had engraved a large wind band score, and later the publisher decided to change their formatting for indications like “Solo.” It was very easy to fix!

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This is something that would also be very time saving when arranging music. I’m working on a series of different versions of the same piece where the instrumentation varies. One for instance is full philharmonic orchestra, the other is just 11 musicians. I would like to easily change indications such as solo, tutti, specific dynamic markings in specific instruments, instrument techniques that don’t apply anymore because it’s played by a different instrument etc.

It would also be great if Dorico could check on its own if, through arranging, there are any redundant dynamic or technique markings. Sometimes I paste a certain section into another voice and then notice that I forgot to delete “pizz.” or “mf” which happen to be written in the destination staff a few bars earlier.

I second this request - its implementation would mean (for example) that I could change every occurrence of the name of an opera character in stage directions and the like, with a couple of keystrokes. (Changing their names in Setup>Players is, of course, no problem.)

Just replying to this thread in case it’s ever useful.
I’m writing a long, multi-flow work with blue boxed-text on a synth part to tell the player to jab buttons on a Launchpad which then trigger samples in Ableton Live. These appear above and below a dedicated two-line percussion staff for the purpose.
This morning I wanted to move some samples around - e.g. move the “B2” sample to “C2”, “C2” to “D2”, and so on. So I ended up on this thread, wondering if I could get there with a simple Find & Replace (or even just Find, and manually replace, which would be quicker than going through a hundred pages reading every cue).
Next I thought that @dan_kreider 's suggestion was pretty exciting. Make playing techniques for the 64 buttons that I could change. Looking at that, though, I couldn’t get my nice blue boxed text, even if I made a new Font style (seems like boxed text and font colour doesn’t exist in style?).
Anyway, I’ve ended up doing it manually, and hopefully I haven’t missed any, but this is just another use case +1 for Find and Replace, as well as possibly all of the formatting options for text in Font Style … :smiley:

+1 from me.
I need to covert some 50 instances of a word (expression) in a 25 min piece.
It would take me 20 sec. with standard search replace.
Now, I have to go manually, and I guess I’ll use 10 minutes.