Suggestion: Search-Replace for selected Text Items

Would come handy.

Could you elaborate on the circumstances you mean/in which you’d like to do this and how? In Dorico, tokens are available to do perhaps something similar to what you’re asking - they dynamically display information in multiple places, which all get updated if the source changes.

Eg. if you invested a lot of time in indicating the instruments in a piano reduction in a lot of small text items,
and then decide that it would be better to write “Vn.” instead of “Vl.” …

This would be a huge feature! Various other examples:

I composed a whole piece for a jazz ensemble and in the end I decided, that one chord in the chord progression should be slightly different (like C13#9 instead of C7#9 or something like that). Going through the whole piece and changing this chord whenever it occurs is a lot of work. It’d also need a “ask everytime” function, in order to decide on a per case basis (“Replace? [Yes] / [No]” -> clicking jumps to the next item in question), because it could be, that in a different context C7#9 is exactly what I want.

It would also be great to search and replace musical snippets. If I have a certain motif that occurs several times during the piece, and at one point I decide to change the motif a little bit, maybe as little as the enharmonic spelling, it ould be great to have a search and replace function. Or if I decide to alter the articulation of one note in a motif, or whatever.

This is exactly why I use custom playing techniques for such frequent marks. If you decide later to change the mark or the formatting, it changes all occurrences in the score.

I had engraved a large wind band score, and later the publisher decided to change their formatting for indications like “Solo.” It was very easy to fix!