Suggestion: Simplified mouse-only (or touch-only) note input

Sometimes I use Dorico on the go to make small adjustments or additions. In these situations, sometimes only a mouse or the on-screen keyboard is available, which makes note entry quite tedious. You always have to select the note value in the palette on the left side of the screen first, and then place the note on the staff.
The process would be much faster if I could place a note on the staff and then, while holding down the mouse button, change the note value by moving the mouse left or right. After releasing the mouse button, the next note could then immediately be placed in the staff.

Presumably one could set the note duration using the number row at the top of the keyboard and letters to set the note names, since Dorico was designed to be laptop-keyboard friendly.

You could also try entering notes in the Key-Editor in Write mode, which allows you to drag the length of notes, IIRC.