Suggestion to make automation editing with Range tool more efficient

when steinberg introduced the automation curve editing with the range tool it was a very welcome (and long overdue) addition to faster workflow.
however in the current form it lacks a fast way to smoothen the transition, the flanks of the curve from just jumping to the new value to a slow fade up and fade down.

to do this i have to move 2 curve points separately earlier and later to achieve a smooth transition (which in practice i find more often than not the case)
auto 5
i want to suggest a function where by pressing a modifier key when grabbing the “scale vertically” button to spread the "legs of the new curve to the left and the right simultaneously. this would speed things up considerably.
an alternative would be to have a user definable, pre set flank duration the creates automatically a “flank steepness” corresponding to the current quantisation length.

I’ve made a video how to do it in your other thread.

that was a good solution for the other issue, but i can not see how that gives me the creation of those flank fade in and out i was looking for.

sorry - I must have misunderstood what you were trying to achieve.

Also: You have a much better chance for a feature-request to be noticed by the Steinberg team, if you tag your post with that tag (should be in the drop-down menu for tags).