Suggestion To Steinberg For Improved Customer Satisfaction

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy Cubase kind of guy but there is always room for improvement, so…

May I suggest to Steinberg to hire a programming assistant or co-op student (or two) dedicated to review the Cubase forum for feature requests and suggestions that are easy to fix and would make users happy if they were implemented quickly.

In my previous life (job) as an engineer in the aircraft industry we used to consider these easy feature suggestions “low hanging fruit”. They would be fixed by a engineering assistant (or co-op student) then go through a special “Fast track” QA check to ensure no other issues were created by fixing the “easy” one. These easy fixes would happen in a few days and the resulting program revisions would be issued shortly thereafter (immediately when possible). “Low hanging fruit” are ideas that are very simple to fix and may, on the surface, seem like they are specific to only a few users. But these fixes really apply to all users so ultimately all customers benefit from the low hanging fruit fixes.

These quick turnaround revisions are part of what makes a company “World-Class”. And be assured when I say that if this can happen in the aircraft industry (where human safety is the utmost important priority) then it can easily happen in this industry.

BTW… Most Co-op students work for reduced pay or even for free to get work experience. So cost to the company is minimal. They are young, and eager to work/assist (or even lead) these assignments. And these quick turn-around projects give the whole office a sense of accomplishment knowing that they are making many customers happy.

Regards… :sunglasses: