Suggestions for changes to Project Info, tuplets, and slash regions

There are some improvements to future versions of Dorico that would be easy to implement. This might be a good place to put them.

There are other features like ties to second endings but they are not easy to implement. If you can think of a feature that would be easy to add, enter it here.

First: When going to “Program Info” highlight “Untitled Project” so the user does not have to highlight it before changing the name. Same with “Flow 1”. No one is going to use those names.

Create a toggle key for simple triplets using the current duration selection. 90% of the time, that’s what composers are entering. The other times we can use the semi-colon and enter something more complicated. It would be a key associated with pressing the triplet button that’s already there. Pressing the key again would turn it off.

If one of these features is already in the program, oops. Don’t be too critical in pointing it out. :slight_smile:

There is an easy way to create slash regions. How about a button to “Remove” slashed regions right under where you can create them.Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 10.36.54 AM

Eh, you can just hit delete and they are gone, I don’t really think a remove button is needed personally. What would be an easy fix would be to remove the Rhythm Slashes dropdown. There’s only one item in the dropdown, why have it at all? Just put the button there and lose the dropdown. It just makes the user have an extra click for no reason.

Same thing with the unnecessary Bar Repeats dropdown.

Pressing the Delete key deletes to whole slash region, not just the area selected.

Ah, so you want the remove button to split the slash region too and leave the unselected slashes. Ok, that’s a pretty good idea.

Please, let’s not start making assumptions about what is or isn’t easy to implement. While it is of course true that some changes are easier than others, no change is trivial. Every change has to be scoped, tested, has the potential to add burden to future testing and increase code complexity, not to mention increase complexity for the end user. Every change has to be documented and potentially localised. There is, in short, no such thing as a trivial change.

Please feel free to make suggestions about things you would like to see in future versions of Dorico. But leave the assessment of their complexity and ease of implementation to the people who know. I’m going to edit the thread title to that effect.

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My first idea of Highlighting a text box would require an if statement followed by a command to highlight text. That’s it.
The second idea to create a toggle key for triplets would only assign a keystroke to what a button click is already doing.
The 3rd idea to remove slashes is almost the opposite of creating them.
I wanted this post to be for other similar (hopefully) ‘simple’ improvements also.

Granted - some ideas posted may not be all that simple, but renaming the thread title to my specific ideas kind of defeated my purpose. You can always comment back what may not be so simple.
Please consider changing the title to something similar to what I had in mind. If I was a programmer working for Dorico, I would have enjoyed seeing what was posted here even if some of the ideas were not so simple.

Probably my least favourite kind of suggestion from users is the kind that the user prefaces with a statement that it would be easy to implement, since (for the reasons I’ve explained above) there’s really no such thing. So I do not want to encourage those kinds of suggestions. Sorry!


Actually I have folders full of untitled project files and I frequently leave the flow-x title in place as I develop a project.

You are falling into the trap of ‘my workflow is the only logical one, so I can’t imagine why others would do differently’.


I strongly dispute this assertion. Perhaps it’s true in your world, but not mine!

I have a simple triplet key now. Just add the following to the kWrite context in your keycommands file, substituting whatever shortcut you want.