Suggestions for Dorico updates – informed by current projects

From the work on some large-scale projects which I finished just recently, today respectively, I’d like to ask for some of the following new/updated features

  • the status bar should contain more detailed information (apart from the current voice), e.g. a detailed readout on the precise metric location of a selected element (for instance like dynamics), like beat & subdivision.

  • when a tempo and/or time signature is selected for editing, the popover window only appears at the top of a system. Whatever the selection in Write Mode window is it possible that the popover window could appear in the visible area of the user interface?

  • with larger projects (many flows, and/or 20+ instruments) the speed of engrave mode still lags behind, even after the awesome 3.10 update. With a selection and an edit with such files on my machine Dorico takes between 3-5 seconds of recomputation/rendering until the cursor becomes responsive again. Apparently this is due to the enourmous amount of calculations running in the background and cannot be changed?

  • In Engrave Options or as part of Paragraph Style, could there be a default setting for erasing the background? Right now this needs to be performed on selected elements seperately in Engrave Mode.

  • In Engrave Mode (=> format/space size) when setting a dedicated new space size per page/pages the initial default space size is always “1.75 mm”, even when the main space size of the entire project/flow/part layout is not 1.75 mm. Where does this default value stem from? Instead, could there be the value of the main space size e.g. of the project or flow?

Thanks for the feedback. The default staff size shown when you enable the ‘Staff size’ property corresponds to the default rastral size for a new project. It’s difficult for Dorico to set properties to the prevailing “natural” value, though in the fullness of time that is something we would like the software to do.

For a Paragraph Style, you can set the Background colour to White.

Yes of course this can be set for elements selectable in “Paragraph Styles”, i.e. text boxes – which is great – but I was having dynamics in mind, for which deleting the background currently cannot be set generally but only applied in Engrave Mode and to each selected element at a time, which is quite cumbersome.

I would love to see this option added for chord symbols as well.

Daniel, thank you for your reply!

Btw. as far as speed problems in Engrave Mode are concerned, I found your tip to have the two modes as seperate windows (and not by toggling tabs within the same window) to really be making a difference! This is a great solution to the issue! Version 3 is working flawlessly now.

Again, I’d like to praise the team for DORICO. It is a great program and for producing beautifully legible scores, it IS the future. I’m so glad I’m part of it since v. 1.1