Suggestions for Frequency "2" (the new one in C11 pro)

Hi there people, I just upgraded from 10,5 pro to 11 and I am pretty pleased so far.

But I have some suggestions for a better workflow in the new Frequency plugin:

1: adjustable range in the eq window.
Who on earth needs to view 30db of range in a plugin like this?
12 or 18db range would be far better for meaningful tweaking.
30 db? :smiley:

2: a “reshuffle bands” option.
Say you are working on the eq; tweaking a bit here and there, adjusting frequencies etc.
Suddenly you find that band 4 has a higher frequency than band 5
Maybe band 7 has been adjusted so that the frequency here is lower than that of the band 6
And so forth…
What I want for the sake of a clean and understandable gui is a “reshuffle bands” button on the plugin so that band 1 is always lowest, band 2 is always lower than band 3 and so on.
I think this would make a lot of sense in making the plugin easier to work with

3: A better solo listen function
When you turn on “auto listen” it should be enough just to select the band to turn it on.
As it is now it is almost unusable: when you mouseclick on the frequency/gain/q you will invariably start to adjust just by clicking on it because you are moving the mouse just a tiny bit just by clicking.
Suddenly that 800hz is 732hz instead, hehe

4: make the gui scalable
The eq window is just a little too small for my preferences.
I mean: we ARE in 2021 right?
Fabfilter nailed this years ago on ProQ 2

All the best, Kim


Nobody thinks these ideas are good?

Kim ?

Another idea: Which I also feel would be useful:
If we don’t need 8 bands let us change it in the plugin as in the Quadrafuzz etc.
Maybe I just need two bands but I do want the functionality the “frequency 2” gives me on those two bands.

Or maybe just a “hide bands/eqs not used” function

When I work on a song (and many times I do it for paying clients) I don’t want to look at a lot of things that I have done nothing with… so… for example: “purge unused eq bands” as a function

I have been using Cubase since 1998 and given that Steinberg now focuses on workflow improvments, I just had to share these ideas

All the best, Kim

All good ideas.! My faves are:-

  1. Adjustable scale range (like FabFilter EQ); 3. Better solo/listen and 4. Scaleable UI
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Lets say I want to reduce the “booom” that happens when you get to close to your mic at say 280 hz and at the same time increase clarity in the vocal by boosting a couple of dbs at 6400 hz when SSSHH is not happening.
You only need two bands for that, not eight

To say it really clear: I do not want to see eight bands of eq if I am only using two!
Less clutter; faster workflow

Kim :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:

For many types of plugins this is not so important but in a digital eq laid out as in the “frequency” and the ProQ 2 it IS important

Thank you Puma :slight_smile:


I agree with everything, and I’d add: some way to toggle linear phase mode for all bands at the same time.

Yeah why not. I agree :slight_smile:

Automatic output volume compensation button aso would be good as in Studio EQ.