Suggestions for gain automation via an insert?

Can anyone suggest a VST3 plugin I can use to automate gain?

I used Sonalksis FreeG for many years in other DAWs, but since Cubase doesn’t report VST2.4 values to its automation lane it’s been rendered useless for automation work. (Issue as per reported and confirmed here by tech support, at least as far as gain is concerned, although I personally have the issue automating any VST2.4 plugin parameters which is a real pain!)

Only VST3 plugins report their values correctly in automation lanes, hence why i’m looking for a VST3 gain plugin. So far all I can find are third party VST2.4 gain control plugins. Alternatively, maybe there is a plugin I can use that does a different job but will give me a clean path to just the gain control if I need?

I’m sure other people use non-MixConsole fader non-pregain gain automation in Cubase so i’m sure someone has an answer to this problem.

You could use any plugin which has a gain section - such as a delay and automate its gain setting. move the track 10ms before the beat, put a delay plug with gain option in set it to 10ms delay - 0 feedback (one echo) and 100% wet - job done! :slight_smile: looks pretty good

Blue Cat Gain Suite

I really don’t want to be doing any such processing and having to think about delays when all I want is simple gain control.

There might be another plugin i’ve not thought of that doesn’t need any setting up and the likes to just use it’s gain.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway though.

That could well be an option, thanks. It’s a shame it’s not free though. I don’t really want to have to pay for a workaround for this bug, especially when it’s only related to one part of the larger issue. (i.e. gain, all other VST2.4 parameters still have the problem until Steinberg fix it)

How Steinberg, the inventors of VST, can’t have VST2.4 working properly in Cubase is beyond belief. :open_mouth: I’ve never had such an issue in any other DAW. Worryingly though i’ve read this issue has been around for the last few versions.

I’m surprised people aren’t complaining about this all the time. Are no Cubase users automating VST2.4 plugins these days or something?

That’s VST2.4. No VST3 version available, so no use. :neutral_face:

I saw your earlier mention of Mix6to2. That would have worked fine but it’s got a left and right output meaning 2 automation lanes which is a pain to adjust automation on as you need to copy it across to the other lane to maintain the balance.

Thanks anyway though.

May not be correct for all 2.4 plug-ins but haven’t time to check which ones are acccurate. Gain Suite might be OK… haven’t time to check it here.

It’s every 2.4 plug-in i’ve tried, Gain Suite being one of them.

Maybe have a look at this

They are free, VST3.

If you use bx cleansweep and disable the filters (or just don’t use them, they are set to HP 20 Hertz and LP 22000 Hertz by default, so not doing anything), you are left with the gain knob

bx_cleansweep will do nicely.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

What about Cubase’ Studio EQ plugin? It has a gain control…

I’ve noticed that StudioEQ has a short delay, when quick automation gain changes occur, which is not cool for the job. Also, it has a range of +/- 24dB, which makes precise adjustments hard to do without extra zooming.
bx_cleansweep seems to fit well, but i have some doubts about CPU consumption if you have 60 of them in the project…

I’m using Cubase’s stock limiter plugin. It has no delay like StudioEQ, and has a better range = -24/+6

But, well, i’d love to use Blue-Cat’s suite, but the bug is annoying.

Actually I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me because I’ve used Blue Cat’s gain plugs as someone else mentioned - and like all VST3s they can be automated by clicking write and twiddling the required knob to send recording of that control to Cubase. Once the automation lane has been established you can edit/draw it as you see fit.

For this I use the EQ10 (Cubase stock plugin)

Another nice solution is PRE GAIN automation:

I found a simple solution that doesn’t require any plugins at all.

Here’s my audio flow that I use when I want to do gain automation but want to still have the option to raise or lower the entire track all at once if needed further down the line:

Original Track --> Group Channel Track 1 --> Group Channel Track 2 --> Mix Bus

  1. Group Channel Track 1 = Gain Automation Only using just the Fader
  2. Group Channel Track 2 = Original Track’s Main Fader (after the automation, before the mix Bus)

This works well for me and doesn’t require any plugins and saves on processing power as well.