Suggestions for guitar effects processing. My Funk Guitar is in a Funk!

Hi esteemed gang.
I’ve been trying to process a rhythm guitar progression, basically around an E7.
I just can’t seem to get it to sound right. Ive EQ’d it, reverb’d it, stereo enhanced it… but , i don’t know how to explain it. It sounds like its not fitting in well with the rest of the instruments. ITs like I’m in the studio with the rest of the band playing playing in one part of the studio,
, and i;m sitting in front of the guitar amp which is somewhere else in the studio.
. it kinds of sounds separated from the rest of the band. If i lower the volume it fits in… but I want it to sound out…
I’m looking for the sound which you can hear from The Average White band’s ‘Pick up the Pieces’
Maybe its too dificult for anyone to give a recommendation if i’m not playing the song for you (i;m an amateur and too embarrassed to share it at the moment. I want a simple mix which sounds good… not exactly like a pro mix.
does anyone have a template (effects and settings) they use for a rhythm guitar (a clean sound, i don’t think i want distortion) which should stand out and sound good…
I’m getting somewhere with the amp simulator but most of amp sim presets have too much distortion.
Maybe i need a guitar plugin (sorry…no $500 plugin suggestions, lol)

I have a horrible feeling that i will get responses which say " I can you give my recommendations and your guitar by itself will sound great… but it may be completely off If we can’t hear how it sounds once the whole band is playing.

I suppose i could SOUNDCLOUD a few measures. That might help.

It is pretty much impossible to make any suggestions without hearing what you are hearing.

You could try the free IK AmpliTube to see if it gives you any different tones that you might like …

AmpliTube 5 CS - FREE amp simulation and guitar gear modeling software (

great idea

The VST Amp Rack (which is included with Cubase) has several presets for clean guitar.

Try the “Clean And Funky” preset, I think that will get you pretty close to the sound you’re looking for. Try adjusting your guitar’s tone settings, and make sure that the average input level shown in the Master tab is within the recommended range (shown as a white rectangle):

If your guitar isn’t blending in, try adding some light “room” or “studio” reverb. It might also help to use a compressor to keep the tone “in your face” while keeping the track’s volume reasonable compared to the rest of the band.


To force the whole band into the same “room”, it sometimes helps to disable all of the reverbs from the individual channels (and/or instruments) and force all of the reverbs through the same dedicated FX channel via Sends from the individual channels.

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thanks. great idea. i did some of that and lowered the volume AND beefed up the sound to make it stand out.

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