Suggestions for improving preset handling

I am going through the large preset collection in Padshop 2 ‘Polarities’ and a number of issues have come up that might be easy to add as feature additions.

  1. There are 250 presets in this collection and the preset guide is 50 pages long and full of useful information.
    This is good, but the preset Guide lists the presets alphabetically while the VST only shows them in a fixed format by category. Having an alternate way to show them by bank would be nice.

  2. When I come across a preset in this group that I like and want to alter, I copy it to a user folder. After the save, the current location pointer is moved away from the Polarities list, so if I press the next arrow, I don’t move to the next preset in Polarities. I’d like that function to be changed if possible or made into some sort of option.

Both of these suggestions involve the manner of handling user navigation for presets.


Some more things:

  1. Would be nice to be able to highlight the preset as a text area for use as a search field in PDF viewer and for saving the preset in a user favorites file name.
  2. When the VST loads in my DAW, the preset settings are preserved, but the preset location in the list is lost and the name is not displayed.

Thanks for listening.