Suggestions for Lyrics + Chords view

Hi all,

I know this has been requested a lot, here’s just another suggestion on how this could be achieved.

Since we already have lyrics in vertical scrolling… why not have chords with the same vertical scrolling? We can have an extra small columns with just the chords on the right/left of the lyrics or they can even be on the same area with the lyrics centered and chords aligned to the side. Here’s a small mockup on how it could look like:

Even better if the extra column can be adjusted to show either chords, notes, or any texts, basically a secondary lyric track. Given that there are quite a lot of empty spaces in the lyrics area, I think this approach still look pretty clean.


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Just to let you know that we are working on a function to merge Chords into Lyrics. Didn‘t quite make it for yesterdays‘ version, sorry.


Lovely! Thank you for your hard work!