Suggestions for Next Cubasis Update-Speeding up the Workflow

Hello, I had a few suggestions for the next update, unless you know of a way to solve the following by speeding up the work flow.

Before I list my suggestions let me tell you what equipment I use with it and what my plans are.

I use Cubasis with a Focusrite iTrack Dock audio interface and a 64 GB iPad Mini 4 running iOS 9.2.1 (13D20). Using Cubasis with the above mentioned products could potentially offer the fastest way to record your ideas using inter audio apps. Cubasis is by far it’s the best recording app in my opinion but it just needs a few tweaks. Right now I just use it to record my personal demos and upload to my DAW on my MacPro to mix. Eventually I would like to use my iPad, iTrack Dock and Cubasis as my main mobile recording rig to record a demo for my friends in bands.

Workflow Suggestions…

When selecting “Mixdown” it would be a great time saver to not have to sign into Dropbox every time you open up Cubasis.

Inter App Audio
When creating a “Mixdown” it would speed up the workflow to have the option to “Create Mixdown” and select a specific track to download instead of downloading all tracks.

Example. I recorded two guitar tracks with different inter app audio plugins b/c I can not use one inter app audio plugin in for two different guitar tracks. It would be very helpful to be able to record two different guitar tracks with the one inter app audio plug in. Again it cuts into the workflow to have to setup a different inter audio app for different guitar tracks.

Have the ability to “Mixdown” only one track separately and export to Dropbox.
Example. I have 4 tracks total, drums, bass and two guitar tracks. I added a second guitar track after I mixdown and sent the 3 original tracks to dropbox. As of now, in order to mixdown the one guitar track separately I would have to mixdown all the tracks separately, then delete the tracks I do not need on the “Mixdown” section of Cubasis. That takes a lot of time and cuts into the work flow. Plus if I do not delete the mixdown it would take up precious space on my iPad.

Which bring me to my next point. Setting up Inter App Audio is hit her miss and can cause major time delays.
To speed up the work flow it would be great to have a simple system to do this.
Originally, this is how I set up inter app audio. I selected “Insert Effects” and selected “Inter app audio” and select my plugin. However, sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn’t. Then I found an article on this forum instructing me to read the Help section in Cubasis, under Accessories. In which it said to first setup the routing, select inter app, and select your app. This is hit or miss too b/c sometimes I got the error Inter app audio error-Could not connect to Amplitude Orange. Launch the app from the home screen, then quit it and try again.
Next you are instructed to setup and select the inter audio app under “Insert Effects”. To do this you press the button under Insert effects that says, Tape to add effect, press inter app audio then select the app you want. Again, hit or miss sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn’t. I notice when it connects I hear a noise like you are connecting a guitar cable to an amp with hiss. When I do not hear that noise the app does not connect.
Is this a known issue with the app developer, apple or cubasis? If so what is the best way to connect an app to Cubasis to use as a plugin. I only have inter app audio apps right now but if it’s less of a hassle to use Audio Units I will look into that but as of now Amplitude Orange Amps and Bias Amp do not offer that option to my knowledge.

My last suggestion is to always have the “WiFi Server” under Setup connected to the app no matter if open or closed. My iPad has a reliable, fast internet connection and it would be a great time saver to not have to login each time I open Cubasis up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any suggestions you may have to speed up my work flow.