Suggestions for next update:master section load confirmation

I faced this issue many time, and it was so frustrating, after tweaking with the master section plugins, I clicked on the “Master Section Presets” icon wanting to click on “Save”, the problem is that the mouse hits the closest preset to it and loaded it, causing all my settings to be lost without being saved, wasting all the time and effort i spent.
The same thing happens if the mouse accidentally hits the “Load Preset” icon in the bottom row of the project.

So I would really like to have a confirmation box asking me if I really want to load the preset

22-05-2011 10-14-59.jpg
I don’t understand. When you load a preset in WaveLab, you get the following dialog, that is what you ask for.

Yes, I would like to get the confirmation dialogue when i load a preset

But don’t you already get the dialog I have displayed?

wow, that is a nice important dialogue, and NO i don’t get it, the preset I choose loads immediately without asking

Hmm, I have to look later at this…

You need to activate the option highlighted in the menu (see picture) to have the confirmation dialog.
23-05-2011 06-24-27.jpg

Thank you, I missed this. it works now, and already saved me from one incidence yesterday.