suggestions for video editing?

I used a digital camera to take videos of myself drumming. In Cubase, I marked the measures and then made cuts exactly on beats, removing extra and unwanted footage. But then I found that I could only export the audio and not the video, so it was all a waste of time.
In video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro there is no ability to mark measures and so cuts are just by sound or visual, and not as precise.
Does anyone know of a solution to edit video/audio with beats and measures and save the result?

I use Final Cut on a Mac for video.

I hear Vegas Pro is good for PC.

Yeah, Vegas should see you right :sunglasses:

Final Cut on Mac here too for most of my video editing.

On PC I do like Premier… And it’s seamless links to other Adobe apps, like photoshop and, of course the complete headf**k that is After Effects… But that little lot is huge $$$*

generally video GAS will cost huge amounts more than audio GAS - which is why I have tried very hard not to get sucked into that whole scene*

** Not entirely successfully,I should add

LightWorksBeta, free
bit of a learning curve. Used to be commercial software but the owners EditShare, have very generously decided to go the open source route to port to PCs. (I think it used to run on proprietary systems)

The movies Shutter Island and The King’s Speech were cut with it.

There is an active user forum with knowledgable members.

If you’re on Win Vegas is a no-brainer, especially since it has low cost versions that are very powerful and the demo is fully unrestricted for 30 days.

Love Vegas. I’m currently on v10 which has (…cough…) clip based audio insert FX.

If you’re on Mac, Final Cut is hard to beat… amazing software.

Not with that “version”. I tried the Lightworks beta. It was (imo) unintuitive and quite buggy.

This the free PC port of the proprietary version used by studios.

It does have a learning curve.
And some decidedly non-standard interface approaches

It is not aimed at youtube. I’m using to put the clips into formats LW Beta understands and then to transcode the outputs.

The install is tricky but described accurately in the guide. Critical to do the matrox codecs and quicktime first.
they are currently on release 10.04 and 10.05 should be out soon.

The price cannot be beat

I’ve used premiere for this sort of thing. I use the hotkey to tap out markers across the timeline while its playing, then zoom in on the audio line to specific beats, place the cursor there and cut.
maybe you’re doing something different though but I thought I’d chime in anyway

Likewise. While the learning curve is significant with any NLE I think Vegas is probably the easiest to get into - certainly of the software I’ve tried. AND the prosumer version is VERY affordable.

That’s an undestatement! I love what AE can do, but it is FAR from easy… my aging, wine-soacked brain was severely challenged! :astonished: I spent an entire afternoon following a tutorial - all for the sake of some dazzling 10 seconds of my company logo expoding in space :laughing:

I use iClone for some of that kinda thing. Great software once you learn it’s ins and outs.

I have that too. I was intending to make a music vid with it… but I ran out of enthusiasm and also put that one in my “too hard for my aging brain” basket! :laughing:

+1 for Vegas, I tried quite a few in the past, Vegas Platinum does all I need.