Suggestions on Cubase configuration?

Hello there!

I have been a pro tools user for along time, but lately, I have been getting hired to score films more and more and I recently switched to Cubase and it has been lovely, but quite a culture shock.

I am wondering if anyone has any great suggestions on how to configure cubase for film. I know all about the timecode and frame rate and tempo operations etc, what I am looking for if anyone has any suggestions on group track layout, aux send ideas, anything that might help in the organization of a giant MIDI template.

I know thats very general, but I have posted some crazy questions lately and a lot of people actually had some amazing suggestions!

I am using Cubase 7, many EAST WEST sample libraries and vienna ensemble pro 5.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks that will help me in the mixing or managing stages as far as a template, sends groups, etc. would really help! I have provided my pro tools template to people in the past when they needed the same type pf help, so if anyones wants to share a cool Cubase film template, that would rock! I just am very confused about how the organization works.


Not really sure what is exactly that you’re asking. There is no “special configuration” for scoring movies/tv with Cubase. Work with templates on both Cubase and VEP Pro and that’ll save you some time.

Hey, welcome aboard…

One piece of advice I’d give you is to sit for a few days and do nothing but create templates for work environments.
Use all 3 mixers. I myself set mixer 1 for my Instruments and Vox, Mixer 2 is my Drum Tracks and Mixer 3 is my Busses, Sub Busses, Effects and Group channels.

oh and Learn the SC Keys and create your own!!

k, Sall I got right now :nerd: