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first it would be convenient, if you click at a self-made template at the hub, that the default text font used in the template is also displayed in the unenabled dropdown-menu. It is nice that the text font saves with the template since version 4.2 and that it does not get overridden by the right side settings. But it shows e.g. Academico as text font though some other font is used in the template. The more templates you have, the more important is to see at a glance which template is using which text font and which music font. The same problem exists for portrait and landscape orientation, I think it’s great to not be able to change that with a self-made template but please show which one is used as a greyed out rectangle.

Second I always untick the two checkboxes “Time Signature” and “Key signature”, as I find it more convenient to start right away and add that later once the idea is out. But it doesn’t save either with the template itself nor with the application. Every time I restart Dorico, I have to untick the two checkboxes, which feels cumbersome. So please save the state of the checkbox either to the template itself (so that I can have a “real” empty template with one click) or with the application, so that when Dorico restarts the two checkboxes are still at the state of before the restart.

Speaking of saving, it also would be really nice if Dorico could remember the last template chosen after restart. This also would save some clicks as I rarely use the Solo Piano Template.

And the third and very minor thing is that the Bars field under Time signature is enabled despite that the Time signature checkbox is unticked.

Thanks for considering!
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I hear your feature request which would be convenient but I already find it pretty convenient.
In the hub under create new, is the list of all your templates in the left panel. This is separate from the create new right panel. I just double click the template I’ve created.
You can add a name of the font to the template name Such as OperascoreTR (for Times Roman).
Apologies if I’m misunderstanding your request.

Yes, you misunderstand me. To my knowledge it makes no difference if you double click the template or click on the create button on the right side