Suggestions / Wishes

I’m using the iPad version of Dorico with magic keyboard. Besides Dorico I compose in Staffpad and try to make a good workflow with the two programs. Engraving is obvios in Dorico, after exporting xml out of StaffPad. It is a shame that condensing isn’t possible in Dorico for iPad. Is this on the roadmap. Other suggestions, what is the best place to post them?

Welcome to the forum, Jan. You’re very welcome to post your suggestions and requests here. We don’t have any current plans to include condensing in Dorico for iPad, but it’s certainly not impossible. In general Dorico for iPad with an active subscription or Lifetime Unlock is intended to have a similar level of functionality to Dorico Elements, which is the middle product in our line-up, and I expect that to be true for a while.

Thanks for your quick reply Daniel, and good to know. I strongly think about the lifetime subscription and hope you put this somewhere on the roadmap.

Greetings Jan