i have 3 suggestions for upcoming versions of cubase 6

  1. the notepad in cubase is way too tiny, i think you should be able to clik an icon and have a notepad appear just like windows. with ever complicated projects it is essential to keep a log of what one is doing and have done. it would also be a great feature to have a icon on one’s desktop that that has copies of all notes for all projects that could be accessed without actually opening the project.

  2. you need more color selections than just the 16 you have. why should there be a limit at all?
    and, i’m finding that i’m using midi controls more and more. but i am having trouble keeping everything organize. here coloration would be a big help too. you could , for example, when you clik the bottom of a midi or audio channel have colorization of categories, volume would be one shade lighter than the channel color, sends 2 shades lighter, effects …3 shades, ect. maybe even different color entirely because there my me several parameters per slot ( say if reverb was one of your sends and you wanted to have midi controls for mix and room). his issue of making the midi controls more eye friendly could also benefit by different shades of the background color. and . while on the subet of the background color , i would love to see more choices then just the grey/purple you guys are using. and somehow i would like to be able to see the lines of the midi controllers better defined.

  3. am i missing something? why aren’t quintuplets available in the quantize selection?

  4. i know i said 3…would it be possible to have cubase automatically make chord charts for any midi parts that have 3 or more notes played at the same time. this would be of great help particularly when returning to a project after some time has past.

thank you,
rick sankey
oakland ca

I just finished the CE6 trial and am about the start C6 (and wavelab) so I’ll look at point 4 and this could be off the track but doesn’t the time signature determine the types of beats you are working with?

As for colors, there is a pallet you can use to make shades and they become available in the list to use.

Notepad. Well I use it for song words so it would be nice to have some very basic fonts and alignments, or even paragraph spacings and it would be extremely awesome were Steinberg to implement this.