Suicide In Black Suit

Here is what I call my vision of music creation: “Considering that life is presented as a progressing society, an early refusal to opt came into mind. Deconstructivism sounded like the only key, although being part of this society is mandatory, our minds remained un-overused.”

I created this project, Suicide In Black Suit, around one week ago. I’ve composed 4 uncomplete demos (to be in the future mixed and mastered by a studio that I’ve contacted) and a self mixed/mastered single, which is nothing less than a cover. It was a, not so old in fact, will to cover one of this band’s song, as I’m a passionate of their work, but I wasn’t ready at all in 2019 when I seriously started experiencing music composition styles. I hope I honored the band with this cover, that I’m very satisfied of.

Hope you enjoy the sound.


Synospis: “Slowly dying, Jesus died in our consiousness.”

Another cover.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (cover)

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