Suitable for a beginner??


I have been playing piano for about 10 years and now i would like to record some songs on PC. I tried the trial verson of Cubase and it suited me quite nice. But i have not been able to figure out a few things so i have some questions:
Is cubase a good choice to record piano and midi tracks?
If yes are there any free vst sounds that i can use for writing songs?
Is my PC setup even suitable for using any advanced effencts in cubase?

If no are there any other programs which i should check out before or insted of using Cubase?

Thanks for your support!

My PC specs:
-windows 7 64 bit
-Processor: intel i5 3550
-RAM: 8bg 1333mhz
-Graphics card: AMD radeon sapphire 7850 (2bg gddr5)
-Sound card: focusrite scarlett 2i2 (external)

P.S: Sorry for my english

Yes, Cubase should be fine for your needs, and there are ofcourse different versions that deliver different amounts of features and added content. Here you can compare differences between Pro 8, Artist 8 and Elements 7.

Your PC specs look fine to me - nothing wrong with your English either… :wink:

Cubase comes with a bunch of instruments which may well meet all your needs.

But if you need more check out KVR, where you can find links to lots of free, cheap and even expensive VSTi’s.

The trial version you have is fine for recording midi. It doesn’t get any better with the higher versions.

There are a lot of other things you get and that you can do with the higher versions.

There’s a lot of DAW packages out there but this being a cubase forum, you’re not going to hear a lot of praise for them. They’re pretty much all good.

The internet is full of free VSTinstruments and VSTeffects.

Takes a lot of time trying them out and finding something useful but it’s out there.

Reaper is good if you’re strapped for cash.

I usually recommend getting an interface with a lite version of cubase or S1 or whatever. Good way to get your feet wet.

Something to be said for getting the full version of a software, you get a lot of value and it will take you some years to learn to use it. Just how you want to go about it.

Studio One is one you should look at. I like a lot of things about it but I came back to cubase for it’s midi capabilities (among other things) but I still use S1.

Take a look at Reaper…

I know that this 3d is quite old, but the question remains relevant.

I personally think that Cubase would be an excellent choice for beginners. I wrote an article about this, you can read it here:

I tried Reaper, but I found it to be less user friendly than Cubase, a thing that is essential for a beginner. I think that Reaper is interesting because it offers a lot for the price, but I’d never move from Cubase to Reaper…