sul pont playing technic as text

Hi, I would like to ask, how can I get a paying technic sul pont as a text not as a glyph typing in popover sul pont? There are two playing technics in a string section: Sul Ponticello (Bow on Bridge) and Sul ponticello (sul pont.) but both of them in Dorico have set the same popover text - sul pont
Trying to understand a logic behind…D I have to delete a first one, if I never use this glyph?

It’s simply a mistake. Go to the Playing Techniques Editor, find the sul pont symbol and set its popover text to something other than sul pont. Save as Default and close.

I got it deleting a popover text in a first playing technic. So I am not able to use a glyph any more (to say you truth, I have never seen such sign in some classical or modern score), but I am getting what I would like to.

Thank you pianoleo. You posted on the same time I did😊

Thanks both of you! I have always had to get sul pont from the playing techniques panel on the right hand side, and then alt-clicking once I had it. This way is much faster. FWIW I changed the popover text for the glyph to “sul pont glyph” for bow-on-bridge. Like mipi, I don’t think I’ve seen this glyph either, but it’s nice to have it.