Summer sale upgrade to Pro 8.5

I just took advantage of the Summer sale to upgrade from Artist 8.5 to Pro 8.5. My main reason to do so is to get track importing that bit easier and for the wave metering and added effects.

I’m wondering if you guys could tell me from your own experiences what I am going to enjoy most about having Pro?!

1 hour left til I be f***n wit Pro!!!

Unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks, 256 physical inputs,
5.1 surround

Adds 25 audio and 18 MIDI effect processors and 5 acclaimed instruments to your creative arsenal

VCA faders for complex automation workflows, Track Versions, lane comping take management system and Track Edit Groups

VariAudio 2.0 for MIDI-style note editing of monophonic vocal lines
and harmonizer capabilities

Professional music notation and score printing features