Summer Upgrade Special?


Just saw that our Cubase colleagues are being treated to a 40% discount on Updates to CB8.5…

I know all of us Audio Post Pros are rolling in the green stuff ( no not that … :unamused: ) but as one of the few who battle to make it all work, is there chance of some similar love to Nuendo owners?

I’d appreciate it … plus you’d get more of us onto the latest code base … easier for support!


Well…sure it would be appreciated.
However, myself I would gladly pay my money for a version with bug fixes, and a solid and simplified update.
I hate rolling back release versions due to more appearing bugs.

Juts me, I guess :wink:

Same here. Sure I’d like to get a big discount. But I’d gladly pay for a solid update and especially usability improvements. I’m not talking about the horrible hover menus and overlays they sold as workflow improvements in Cubase. I hope they never come to Nuendo. I’m talking about real improvements to the workflow. Some re-thinking of some UI aspects.

Nuendo, compared to the cool in the school Cubase musicians is a lot more expensive, but I have to say the features it has, nobody else has. And it saved me hours of work. Even though I used it only on a couple of projects it paid for itself. In time saved and nerves saved. No other tool has these functions. No other tool focusses this much on Film Post and Game Sound. So, Steinberg, do solid updates. No new beat plugins or cabinet simulations please, nobody wants those. But usability and workflow. And fix those workspaces and ugly window management already :slight_smile: I’d pay. 100%.

I agree with you both … if the last update had real workflow improvements for Audio Post the way I do it ( no ADR sessions with a Nuage attached running through effortless Auto-conform cycles … yeah it would be nice but its not my life) then I would have updated already!

For the full update price I want more basic event and track manipulation features. It’s the grunt work on documentaries and corporate stuff that slows me down! Any two of the following and I’d be happy…

More than one time line per project… like the old Arrange pages. It would be great to bundle ‘scenes’ in a single document and move elements between them.

A simple and quick way to move selected event/s to alternate tracks. Select an event , right click, have a ‘move to…’ drop down with all tracks listed.
Duplicate a track with all its settings/inserts, sends but no content ( with out setting up a macro to do it!)

A Smart edit tool !!!

Copy paste effects inserts between tracks

Duplicate a track with all its settings/inserts & sends but no content ( without setting up a macro to do it!)

Multiple copy/paste buffer slots ( there are third parry solutions but I want a native internal solution which remembers its contents with the Project )

In addition to Track name a TAG field to assign Dialog, FX, Shot size etc…

A way to sort Tracks ( and TAGS!) in the project by name, date modified … etc.

Main output level meters in the project window that aren’t the mixer or control room (with everything hidden).

Convert audio to project sample rate when importing AAF bundles.

Export mix to the reference Video file.

Spectral editing ( OK that’s a big ask … but Nuendo is expensive ! )

I didn’t see much in V7 for me … so a gift from SB would give me a nudge and at least get me in the running for the next version update that will be more useful to me! Right?


Hi Lee,

You have some good points. I want to mention the copy and paste of inserts from one track to another exists in two ways.

You can either use the basic copy and paste.

However, you can use the mix console to copy and paste insert settings. All you have to do is hold ‘left click’ on the name of the track you want to copy and drag it to the track you want to paste it to. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip … however I work pretty much exclusively in the Project window, hardly ever using the mixer other than to have the Main Out levels showing. You are of course correct … it’s way easier to move an effect chain by dragging in the mixer! Cant undo it though ( at least in V6.5 … maybe different in 7? ). I just can’t understand why this procedure isn’t trivial in the project window??? Or am I missing something? Right clicking on the Inserts header gives no copy/paste functionality … its so counter to my way of thinking.

Thanks for replying though!