Summit Audio Grand Channel only works on master bus

Hi folks,

I just purchased the Summit Audio Grand Channel and I love it, however it does not pass any audio if it is inserted into a clip or track but it will work on my Master Bus in Wavelab Pro 10.

I can use the EQ or the Compressor individually on clips or tracks but the combined plugin the Grand Channel itself only functions when applied to my Master Section.

I have gone through the Plugin editor to be sure the boxes are the same as my others and they are so I am stumped, please help! Thank you.

Bud Bremner

It is a mono buss plugin. Are you sure you are not trying to use it on a stereo source?

I have used the Grand Channel and each individual portion EQ/Compressor on a stereo source absolutely! I can’t seriously believe that this product is strictly a Mono plugin.

No, it is not. There are both mono and stereo versions of the plugin obviously.

@budbremner: maybe worth checking that you are using the correct instance of the plugin though.

In Wavelab, in the upper left corner of any plugin it allows you to assign the plugin to operate in Stereo, M/S, Left/Right etc…, is this where you are referring to regarding using it in mono or Stereo? Thank you.


Some plugins have two different instances a stereo plugin and a mono plugin. Based on what I read about Summit Audio Grand Channel I assumed that this would be the case. For example, many Waves plugins have a stereo instance and a mono instance. However, they are clearly marked as such by the following (s) and (m).

Yes, I have seen that on a number of my plugins but not on the Summit product, thank you for your comments!

From their website:

Combining the smooth operating EQF-100 parametric passive equalizer with the mild but authoritative TLA-100A compressor, Summit Audio Grand Channel is a highly versatile channel strip that will cover a large part of your mixing needs.

It seems that it is a channel strip and NOT a stereo unit. Also if it is stereo where are the other channels VU meters? I am very confused…

Thomas, thanks for your concern but I promise you it most certainly IS a stereo unit. Every other channel strip plugin is in stereo as is this one.

The Vu meters are on the units with just one meter is on the compressor and one Input meter and one Output meter on the EQ.

While you may not have L/R channel control on this unit it should be considered useful on both mono and Stereo tracks.

This is the point in time where you write to the developer of the plugin and let them know about the issue, and ask them to thoroughly test the plugin in WaveLab so they can hopefully fix it in an update.

Thank you Justin, I have in fact contacted Softube and the representative there did replicate my application of the plugins in WL and had no problem doing it so I was a bit baffled that I couldn’t.

Interesting. I mostly just use the Weiss Softube stuff so I can’t really speak about this particular plugin, but hopefully it gets sorted out.

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