Sunday Instrumental Jam

I enjoy creating a sort of classical rock style instrumental music. These are just the ideas I come up with at the moment of creating the track, nothing more. I am only a hobby musician so it is what it is.
hope you enjoy.

As the title suggests, it’s an instrumental jam. There are indeed some good ideas here regarding background music or what you might call the rhythm section. However, it would be important to clean up these ideas in order to establish a structure that highlights the various sections of the piece, as for a song with the alternation of the refrain and the verses. The listener needs to feel framed in order to appreciate what is offered to him; this way of doing things is defined as the musical form. The rock groups of the 70s ventured into very sophisticated musical forms often borrowed from the world of classical music.

Oneway, you have good ideas, give them a good direction and make them clear. Above all, we need melody whether it is sung or not.

Hi Oneway, you’re getting good sounds! You should turn it into a song.

I just put down my thoughts as I go along. I get to a certain point and say that’s enough and move on to a new project.
My instrumentals usually start with ideas I come up with on the acoustic guitar and build up from there. It’s only an enjoyable but time consuming hobby at the end of the day. :hugs:

A bit of a Pink Floyd vibe….I dig it!!