super-computer ?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a computer for a new studio that can handle a huge processing demand. Today I’m running a iMac 27” 2016 with a core i7 4GHz. And the projects that I’m planning will need x4 that processing power.

I have tested a dual Xeon workstation. The WS scored 1200 in cinebench r15. But this is not enough.

Any ideas how I can get/build a super-computer ? All motherboards i have found have max 2 CPU even the server version.

Im using the universal audio external HW and DSP power to improve the situation today. But its not enough.

Are the any other generic external DSP machines that will help cubase with instruments and all internal pluggs ?

Thanks for any ideas…

I think you’ll need a multi-PC solution.
Use Vienna Ensemble Pro to synchronize your project across multiple computers. That should get you where you want, probably cheaper than trying to get everything running on a single computer.

cores do not add exponential, every core could be as effective as maximal 60%. The more cores the more synchronisation has to happen, even more when more cpu sockets are in the game.
Indeed multi-PC configuration could be the way, but also consider the old fashion overdubs and printing methods.

Thanks, i was not aware about Vienna. Im trying to understand if the actual audio feed is pushed back to the cubase mixer ? or do you have to use the Vienna mixer ? and merge in mixer… but if not, then this is a good solution. you could run many separate instrument computers and convert in cubase. Only thing is to keep track of all the save files and project… But its absolutely a solution worth investigating. Thanks !!!

Your projects must be huge.
For eq and dynamics and maybe some verbs u could use something like the x32 core with adat.
Nice dsp cards are sonic core scope Xite.
If u use a lot of vst like isotope ozone and other powerconsuming monsters u dsp will load up very quick.
Most of the time u can do the same thing with lighter vst’s

Using Vienna would be an option you also could slave systems with adat. That gives u the option to mix hardware and software in a very easy way and may turn out must cheaper and more effective.

Yes they can get very heavy in high resolution… :frowning:

Can you share a bit about what you try to achieve, which plugins you are using, you want to go to windows?
What soundcard? Budget, intended workflow, Etc etc. Context is everything in these topics