Super large Project Files when using Spectral layers

I was running a small project in C12 and discovered that the project files where suddenly arout 480mb.
I was running a few VSTi and one Audiotrack with Spectral Layers 7 that i demixed into components. After that the Projectfile grew significantly.

What i also noticed that SL bloats it’s Cache folder on my C: drive and doesn’t delete its supposedly temporary files ever. So one should check this fodler every now and then.
There were about 12 gigs of files.

Is this normal behaviour ?

I hoped that over the last updates, ARA was a bit better optimized.
Maybe i should wait a little longer.

This is a known issue also leading to crashes when the project file gets too big .( Search the forum)

I do my unmixing stand alone and import the files into Nuendo later.

best regards