Super Midi editing

If Cubase is excellent at something than it’s MIDI editing. Man, the logic editor is reeeeeeally powerful, you can do almost anything you want. Yesterday I wanted to boost all the notes on beat 1 for a mallet track, to add some accentuation to it. Logic editor does it. Only thing is, I don’t really feel at home in this thing. I always look for a preset that has the feature I need, and adjust it to taste. I never come up with an own preset because I just don’t get into it so well.

Also veeery helpful is the context editor. For natural solo instruments I often have different articulations (stacc, port, leg) on different tracks. I record a take, and then I shift the notes onto the track I like. Very handy. Compared to using keyswitches in one track this has the advantage that you can always see which articulation plays which parts of the take.

Now I am in the process of learning keyboard shortcuts. They speed up working like hell. If only I could remember more than 8 or so :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to see which articulation is playing what notes, you can use Expression Maps - it takes some time to make presets for instruments you use, but after that you it gets REALLY comfortable. And all within 1 track.

Ah ok, I never touched that topic. I will take a look at the manual about this.

Thanks for the hint.

Great guys. There are expression maps that can be used to manage articulations. I did not know it and did not use it.

I own the flagship of DAWs and operate it like a hand axe :confused:

Thanks again @stereolost

That me as well.

But some times I will save a tweak as a Key Command.