Super Slow Projects/templates loading time

Hi, I posted a thread about this issue a few months ago. At the time, I gave up and just waited every time for my projects to load and not close my computer and the project to avoid having to wait.

So, my problem is that it is painfully long to load my orchestral projects and template. I see other members using the word “painfully” to describe having to wait for 1 or 2 minutes… It takes about 15 minutes to load my projects!!!

I’ve been trying for the past few days to load my template, disable every tracks and load one plugin/kontakt library at the time to find out what’s causing the issue. Loading all my strings, a few CSB, CSW and Noire takes about 30 sec to 1 min. But, as soon as I add some percussion (Damage 2, HZ perc, 8dio) the loading time increase exponentially, even if I purge sample them.

Also, when loading the project (with the disabled track, except from the ones listed above), the loading time varies quite a lot. Sometimes it only takes like 1 minute and sometimes it takes like 5 min…

I hope someone can help me, because I’m starting to get very discouraged. In the meantime I will continue trying to fix it and keep you updated if I find something.

Edit : Okay now even the project with only orchestral instrument loaded takes 6 minutes (which took 2 minutes yesterday…)



You need to post your hardware/software setup.

Typical slow Load times are often a HD and Ram issue, Limited space to allocate memory.
It can also be a lot of junk running or Software issues.

Give us some specs and I’m sure some one will help you find the bottleneck in your setup.


I have 3x 1tb SSD, 48 gb of RAM and an i7 108000KF.

That is a start :slight_smile:

How much space do you have left on the drive that is allocating memory?
Typical you will notice issues if your drive has less then 10% space left.

How much do you load in to ram? It takes time to load up 30-40gb of ram.
You will gain a lot of speed streaming as much samples from disk that your software and hd speed supports.

Hold on, not too fast! ahah.

What do you mean by the drive that is allocating memory? Is it the main hd? (the one on which Cubase is installed?). If so, around 700 gb

My fully loaded template is around 30-35 gb of ram… I remember like one year ago, my things used to load super fast, but kontakt instruments were cutting out for a few minutes.

How can I stream more from mu disk?

Thank you a lot! :slight_smile:

Yes, by default it is the OS drive That is allocation memory. But it can be custom and at what ever volume one needs. It is a workaround for getting low on Ram.

Windows will use 4-8gb of ram. So you might experience the windows allocating memory from ram to disk and back. That will slowdown the system.

But since everything was running smooth with the same load a year ago. It might just be some 3rd party software messing with the load speed.

I dont use kontakt. But I belive there should be a disk streaming option or a server option.
Just go in to settings and memory and take a look. If you have disk streaming, try and change the load. If you have server option, give kontakt a good server space 30-35gb you typical are using. Now it will hold on to the samples in memory as long as it can. So you can open close cubase as many times as you like, and no need to wait on kontakt loading samples.

You can also uninstall all the things you never use and take a look in the system manager and see how much background apps are running. You might want to stop some of the ones you don’t need while running Cubase.

I just reduced the preload buffer size to the minimum in Kontakt and still taking a long time to load :confused:

Pre load buffer is not streaming from disk. You should keep that at medium setting.

Was there some server option?

Actually, the “Instrument preload buffer size” is the disk streaming parameter.

Also, from what I’ve found on NI’s website, the server option is only available on mac.

Ahh. Learn something new every day :slight_smile:

If adjusting the stream dosent help. We should look else where for the bottleneck.

Try and monitor the cpu use when you start cubase and load a project.
Is it using all cores or is it using one or two cores?

Also monitor the Ram usage. Is it loading inn steady or is it loading and stopping?

The cpu doesn’t seem to use all the cores available (here’s a screenshot of the cores activities while loading cubase)

The RAM is loading at a steady pace, but sometimes is loads faster (around 80-90 mb/s for the disk usage) and sometimes slower (around 10 mb/s)… I think it should go faster since these are SSDs, no?

Also I forgot to mention it earlier, but Cubase is also not responding while loading, then it responds for a bit, then again, not responding.