Super XXL Sessions

Hi Nuendoers,

does anyone here have experience with really large sessions?
Is it possible for Nuendo to handle extreme amounts of audio without slowing down to a crawl?
E.g. what happens when you try to import 200 minutes worth of location sound with every mic position and every alternative take?
Has anyone ever tried if Nuendo can handle this amount of data?

I will give it a shot myself today, but maybe some of you can jump in an share their experience?

Can you include a track count number in addition to the length?

I will work, no problem.
We run 200+ track postproduction sessions regulary.

I have spent some time on this yesterday. Initial tests seem to indicate that it works quite well. I had 4,5 days of audio and 150+ tracks and it was still possible to navigate around the session and do work.
Not bad!

Had some projects with 200GB + of audio in 2000 + clips. Never any issues.