SUPERB! new Midi Controllers.....

Initially aimed at DJ’s, …but as Midi is Midi…and they have a 4 port TT USB hub built in (the reason I skipped on the cmc series, along with the steep price tag…

3 Year warranty!!! and prices are 99$ for each unit, or the 4 channel mixer is 149$…

ok, they wont have the “best” integration with Cubase…but for using them assigned to quick controls etc, and a designated midi mapping for Cubase, I think these will sell by the bucketload!!

I have to say that Im quite impressed by the look, design, & by all accounts the build quality is solid!!..

They look rather sturdy, if they were branded Reloop I would’ve believed him.
Nice idea, the names sound familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

Snazzy! Looking at the CMC’s online, they do seem a little flimsy if you ask me. These things look like rock solid. Good point though, you’ll definitely be lacking the excellent Cubase-specific integration that the CMC’s will have.

Are you kidding? they look ugly and brick like…

Well, most of our equipment isn’t very pretty… :slight_smile:

Yes … they look “ugly and brick like” but at the same time they look “sturdy”.

Now … when it comes to B-brand … are they really “sturdy” or do they just look like? I have my doubts. Why don’t just BUILD sturdy but slim-looking gadgets? I would definitely prefer them. Not that I wouldn’t examine these ones closely if I needed a new controller right now. I have nothing against B-brand as long as there’s no Uli-gadgets in my signal path.

Having looked at quite a few Behringer products in the last few months…and what they displayed at NAMM, I would think they have enough experience in the audio market, to validate n giving these things a 3 YEAR warranty!..I personally feel they are stepping their quality side up a gear…I mean they are also retailing a 30,000$ Ipod speaker!!..that says to me that Behringer are looking upping their game quality wise.

and fair play to them…If steinberg had really listened to what the market had really needed…(why would/should I simply duplicate most of the controls of my cc121? with the CMC series?..I admit the CC121 is an (almost) perfect small controller as such, but I think most of us here, to part with some more cash…we were expecting a bigger CC121…I LOVE the concept of the CMC, but most of the questions people were asking about the modules have lay unanswered…as in does any one really knwo how many CMC’s can be used all at once? many of each CMC modules can be used at once etc,etc…

& god, how UGLY does the CC121 & 2 2 x CMC’s really look in the designated frame!!! totally unrelated & uncordinated!>

launching the CMC series, Steinberg just left us in the cold…I have a CC121, which half its features are unused etc, (eq knobs unassignable etc)…so in my book, the idiots that bought a CC121, have been left out in the cold. well thats how I feel personally. :frowning:

I’m not an idiot :confused:
I thought… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use the EQ knobs on the cc121 to control quickcontrols, so they’re certainly assignable.

I know what you mean Stroph, We DID finally get there! lol…but wouldnt it have been a nice touch to be able to incorporate the 12 eq controls ala the … AI knob…that would have made far more sense in useability terms …(almost like Automap pro, assignable …THAT would have set the CC121 apart!.

I like the CC121 …a lot…But werent we all expecting a multi channel controller to come along, like a smaller more affordable WK ID?.

Yeah certainly, I expected a bigger cc121 as well.

I for one would be interested in a reasonably priced multi fader DAW controller from Steiny.
Why they are faffing around around with these toy like units beats me, perhaps they are a bit
touchy because of the Houston episode :open_mouth: :wink:


I’ve got a Behringer BCF2000 and I think it’s superb, unbelievable value for money for the functionality.

BUT… I remember getting very excited about the Xenyx UFX 1604 mixer/recorder. Stunning feature set, promised at a sensationally low price.

That was demonstrated at NAMM January 2011. Still no sign.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for this.