Superclip function

I only recently had the need to use the superclip function. To my surprise, it seems to render any effects that are on the montage master when creating a superclip.

I don’t find this ideal, is there an option to make the superclip only merge the clips together and effects on the clips?

For example, I don’t want my final limiting on the montage master to be applied to the super clip when I create it, and then again to the same section when making a DDP of the entire montage.

Yes, look at this:

Thanks. I was looking for an option like that in the box that pops up when making a super clip, but I didn’t think to look for it hiding down there.

This should help for future cases, thanks.

For some reason this option is greyed out, meaning I see it but I can’t change it.

Do I need to do something else to make it changeable?


I was able make it work when I saved a “master section” settings within a montage, but I can’t get this to work when using the “montage master”

Is there any way to have superclips bypass the “montage master” when being created? I no longer use the main master section for plugins for normal mastering processes.

Maybe it’s a bug that the button only lights up until you save the main master section to the montage? Or maybe it’s just not possible to bypass the new montage master when rendering the superclip, which would be unfortunate.

Is this option intended to also bypass the montage master?

This option is disabled if there is no Master Section preset stored inside the montage.
This is because, in this is the case, the Master Section is not used when rendering the superclip.

Ok, so if I save a Master Section preset with no plugins on it, just to enable the option, and have active plugins on the montage master. Do the montage master effects get rendered into the new superclip?

I’m looking for a way to avoid the montage master (not Master Section) from getting rendered into superclips.


Excuse me, from the start I though you were talking about the Master Section.
Now I realize that you are talking about the Montage Master.
In this case, there is no option to skip it.
Actually, I don’t see a reason to have such an option.

I think the reason to be able to skip the montage master on the superclip render would be the same as the master section. I have all my final limiting on the montage master now rather than master section so the settings are easily stored right with the montage.

The other day, I mastered a CD and the client came back with a request to loop the end of the last song and fade it out to end the CD. I easily made the loop in the montage, and then made a superclip of the new arrangement to be able to add a fade to the entire clip. Since I have Ozone 5 on the montage master I don’t want it to be rendered into the super clip and then again on the final DDP.

I had to disable the montage master when making the superclip and then enable it again after the superclip is made.
This isn’t a huge deal but I was surprised that creating a superclip made the audio go through the montage master. I only noticed because Ozone 5 takes a lot of time to render compared to Waves. I wonder if other people realize that when they render superclips, it’s going through the montage master.

I think being able to exclude the superclip render from the montage master is just as important as the master section. I think typically when making a superclip, you only want the effects that are on the clips themselves to be involved because they will eventually be going through the montage master or master section again.

I note the idea for a future version.

Thank you.

I have have a question, not sure if this is the right place to ask but anyways here goes.
I’m using superclips (has internal submontage) to process each song independently in a main montage.
Each clip contains a set of plugins inserted has clip effects. When I edit a submontage and bypass the whole clip effects nothing happens. If i change some plugin parameter I can hear the changes with the bypass active.

The effects are in the clips of the sub-montages, or in the super-clip?