Superhero Trailer

Just upgraded to C6 Artist last week! So wanted to use up all 32 tracks, 8 more than the limit of Elements isn’t much, but a lot better! So tried a superhero Elfman inspired composition for a small UK production group doing a superhero film, not into The Dark Knight stuff and it’s imitated way too much anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Comments on the mixing/mastering would be greatly appreciated, I feel I need a lot of work with that.

Thanks for your time.

Nice, this is quite good!
I really like the intro, nothing to say about that really.

What I feel is lacking most in this piece is a bit more consistency in the arrangement. The chord progressions seem a bit random and that prevents me from really getting into the flow of this track.
Sound-wise you nailed it though, it sounds very cinematic. I love how you used a lot of electronic sounds as well (with interesting panning I should say), not just orchestral.

Mixwise I think it’s quite allright. The brass sounds are a bit loud at times, and the drumrolls at the end could come up a bit, but generally it’s really not bad at all.

Thanks Strophoid for taking the time to listen. I know what you mean about the inconsistency of the arrangement and been back and forth about doing 2 versions of it. I’m by no means an expert on trailer music and getting a superhero vibe proved to be a pretty fun challenge, you see too many around that just rely too much on loud percussion with no tune at all or some Zimmer copied staccato string pattern from Batman :smiley:

I was aiming for a videogame trailer with this one, but I do know videogames and I felt the partially abrupt chord progression changes would go fine to a trailer, with different characters and scenes etc. But who knows, just practice, practice, practice :stuck_out_tongue:

I am really happy you liked the electronic sounds, they are all from Stormdrum 2, although I think some of them appear in other libraries also, still trying to get a hang of multi-layering different percussion and panning them so the percussion section sounds fuller and more consistent, but again need lots of practice :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering if the brass was a bit loud at parts, and since you specifically pointed it out confirms my thoughts so I think I’ll go back and change that. Will also look at layering the percussion at the end. Thanks for your helpful input. My main personal gripe is after the loud brass swell with the cello melody, the violins are controlled by velocity and expression and the difference between the types of staccato notes was just too little or too much to get it to sound more human, sounds a little machine gun like. Only seems to be in the lower notes of this library though, the high notes you can some very realistic sounding staccato passages.

impressive arrangement for sure, enjoyed it. I to thought there was some moments that were overly loud but I’m not experienced with this stuff enough to know for sure.

Very enjoyable. Well done.

Thankyou, I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: And some moments were overly loud, just the french horns and trumpets peaking a bit too much (although those parts are intended to be loud) making it sound a bit harsh.

After heeding my own concerns and the comments in the posts above I added trailer tom percussion, played around with the stereo doubling, panning and width for the percussion, reduced the volume of some of the brass parts and made the end bit a little louder;

Thanks also Goddfodder, glad you enjoyed it too :slight_smile:

listened again, its very cool, I think some of the louder parts have to be that way so they have that big cinema feel. I must admit though, some drum hits with the stabs crackled my cheap computer system but were fine on the bigger stereo.

I just had another listen too. Sounds great on my system. Got a real touch of professionalism about it. Its so completely different to the type of music im making with Cubase so its nice to see what someone else is up to with it. Nice to see these different things done so well. Reminded me at times of some of the really dramatic type of music in World of Warcraft. This was probably better than that to be fair. For a game or a film though, this was really well done.

Nice, good improvements :slight_smile:

+1 Sounds like its ready for the big screen to me! :slight_smile:

That’s some very generous comments and I’m very flattered. I like this forum because there is a lot of music different to my own, and you can truly learn something from everyone and pretty much every genre (I severely doubt I’d learn anything from rap,) but apart from that it’s always good to listen to what others are doing in any genre.

I, of course, disagree about the WoW music, being a WoW player myself but you never like your own music right? :stuck_out_tongue: Even if you’re proud of it :smiley: I’m aiming at the videogame licensing with it and had videogame trailers in mind when writing it.

Thankyou for the fine comment, if I was a girl I’d be blushing by now!

I took some of the peaks from the french horns and trumpets at the loudest brass swell parts, the whole horn and trumpet sections got reduced by between 1 and 2dB, but you’re right it does have to be so loud for the cinema kind of effect :slight_smile: I’ll look at the crackling and see if there’s anything I can do, my friend has some $10 speakers and they are the worst thing I have ever heard. It’s fine on mp3 earphones, cheap headphones and expensive headphones so it’s possible it was just one of the radiostatic crackling sounds sounding weird on cheaper sound systems. I did double them with the drums and double bass for a big sound. Thankyou again for your time and compliments.

Thanks once again. Job of posting it on a forum for other peoples perspective done :smiley: Helped it improve quite a lot.

Sounds Great! I especially like the beefed up percussion in the second mix. The stutter in the synth at the beginning really sets it off.

Thankyou, I’m quite fond of the sound design stuff in Stormdrum 2 :smiley: