Superior Drummer 2 not appearing in instruments

Hi Guys,

Since upgrading to 10.5 from 8, I can’t get Superior 2 to work.

Any ideas how I could fix this?



You probably have to add a path in the VSTplugin Manager pointing to your VST3 folder, then rescan and SD2 should reappear next time you start Cubase.

@OP: You need to point to the VST 2 folder, or even better, to the folder you installed SD in. Additionally you need the 64 bit version of SD 2 in case you used the 32 bit version in Cubase 8.

Thanks guys,

I think the issue is that it is 32 bit. I may need to gradually upgrade my favourite VST instruments to latest versions when I can afford to or keep using Cubase 8.5…

Buy Jbridger and it’ll save you some money until you buy your next plugins.
Like you say most people gradually buy what they neeed in 64 bit.

I think SD 2.0 is available for registered users also in 64 bit for free.