Superior Drummer 3 Advanced Tab and Available in Cubase only

Hi guys!
I have an issue that has stumped me for some time now and I hope you can help or point me in the right direction. I did a quick check to see if this has been answered. I couldn’t find anything and I’m curious if anyone has attempted this?

I use Superior drummer 3 for all my drums (and occasionally GA). SD3 has a setup page with a number of tabs. On the Advanced tab, there is a global setting for Cubase only. This allows 32 mono outputs to be used rather than the default 16 stereo outputs. Here’s a link to the manual: If you can’t see the page I have attached a screen shot.
I would like my kick, snare and hi-hat to be a mono file. I can do it manually but now that SD3 offers this conversion I’m trying to get it to work as this would increase my workflow.

Even though I follow along, I cannot reliably get the Snare, Hi-hat and Kick drum to be a mono file. I have to manually convert them, which can be a pain.

My question: is this a Cubase issue or SD3?

Thanks for reading