Superior Drummer 3 not working

I have always wanted to try Cubase and so during this 30th anniversary sale I grabbed a copy of Pro 10 which I’m trying to learn from a background in Reaper. In the VST Plug-in Manager I have all paths correct, I’ve double checked by searching for the .ddl files in folders and referenced the paths in Reaper which work in Reaper as I type this.

Within the VST Plug-in Manager window if I search for superior drummer 3 it shows a result so Cubase clearly recognizes it, yet, when attempting to use an insert I can’t find superior drummer anywhere. I have manually checked all VST folders in the insert menu and I have searched for superior drummer and Toontrack.

This is frustrating.

I have actually just discovered something… I can use Superior Drummer but it made another question arise. If I’m loading a template for a genre of music like I had been to experiment with my freshly installed Cubase those templates usually come with a drum track and a bit of preprogrammed midi drums using a HALion drum library. If i try to add an insert to that drum track from a template it won’t let me add Superior Drummer and yet it says there’s no inserts yet, however, in the “right zone” which I don’t understand yet it does have HALion listed (actually multiple instances of HALion for whatever reason). It’s almost as if HALion is baked into such a track and unable to be removed, once I realized this I tried to add a new instrument track and found Superior Drummer listed.

That is all very odd to me could anybody please elaborate on that?

VSTi are not inserts in cubase but instruments. You can use the instrument rack for that, press F11. Or create an instrument track. Cubase does not have a universal track type like reaper. It is a specific type. Inserts are for insert FX. For send FX you need to create an FX track (just saying already).