Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral SDX Drum Maps for Cubase


I have created Cubase Drum Maps for the ToonTrack Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Expansions 1 and 2.

See attachment below:

Feel free to download, use, and pass along to all your SD3 Orchestrral friends!


SD3 Orchestral (5.92 KB)



Looks like an interesting library. Is this an add on for one of their other libraries or is it enough to only buy this one?

Hey, thanks!!

This is like any other Superior Drummer Expansion (SDX) and it is not part of any other SDX. However, it is actually two expansion kits in one and therefore it’s a bit more than the others. You DO need Superior Drummer 3 to run this.

419 dollars in that case, ow!

Oooowww, man !!! Now I don’t have to do this haha! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :sunglasses:

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YES! Rejoice owners of SD3 and Orchestral Percussion SDX, you don’t have to write all the drums into the drum map file, because it’s been done!

Cool. I don’t have this expansion yet but intend to in the not so distant future :+1: